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My interest in photography started as a kid when I first saw faces emerge on photo paper in my Dad's dark room. Among all the things I can do with a camera, I've always more interested in photographing people. To capture a person's unique beauty, character, energy and emotions is a very challenging but rewarding process. I am passionate about capturing life's precious moments and creating art with my camera.

I also love to dance and design. I am a competitive ballroom dancer and create my own performance costumes. Dance as an art form is a great source of inspiration for my photography. As a dancer I am constantly observing the nuances in shapes and lines of the human form and how light is molding it; as a photographer I am constantly striving to incorporate movement and emotions into my images to give them more life. 

My academic background is in biomedical sciences. My scientific training helps me understand the technical aspect of photography in greater depth and fuels my enthusiasm for constant experimentation with new equipment and new techniques.  I am a big nerd and perfectionist when it comes to taking pictures... All these things make me a unique photographer.

My logo comes from this stone seal that's hand-engraved by my father. It is my name Ruo Lan in ancient Chinese characters.  The love for art and photography is a cherished family tradition. My Dad is an avid photographer himself. Some of his best work have been collected in the Chinese National Archive. He taught me the ABCs of photography since the era of film cameras, and my adventures in picture-taking continued into the digital age. The ability to stop, freeze and perpetuate the fleeting moments of life with a camera has never ceased to excite me ever since I pressed on the shutter button for the first time.

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